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I stopped by the Marriot Hotel to meet up with Sherry Rogers Harrison. What a neat lady! She will be teaching her Inklique classes all week at the Quilt Show. The Convention Center is located inside the hotel. Tonight all was quiet, except for the lone security guard. We took a peak into the main hall-all set and ready to go! Tomorrow it will be filled with quilters from all over the country and from other parts of the world.

If you attend the show, be sure to stop by the Red Rose Quilters Guild Raffle ticket booth to purchase a chance to win our beautiful quilt! This year the quilt is hand appliqued AND hand quilted by members of the guild. Ticket purchases help us to fund our projects-Quilts of Valor and the children’s quilts and tote bags we make for several charity groups in Lancaster County. The coat and package check will also be manned by volunteer quilters from the guild. Be sure to use this service to keep your packages safe while you shop or attend classes. Although pretty full, there may be some spaces left in the classes and lectures so be sure to check the boards across from the registration check in. I’ll be parking at the off site parking lot to avoid the city traffic and taking the shuttle in from Burle Industries on Route 23. Parking is $5 with a $1 for the shuttle ride each way. Hassle free this year after growing pains from last year.

Wed is the first day of the 4 day event. I’ll be meeting up with Facebook quilter friends for lunch, then headed to a class on applique with Sue Nichols. In the evening it’s the All Star Review! So looking forward to this week!


I’m really excited for this week to start. AQS is returning to Lancaster for the 2nd annual Quilt Show and Contest. I spent the day preparing for the two classess I am taking. Wed I’ll be learning a raw edge applique technique taught by Sue Nichols. On Thursday I’m attending an all day workshop with Karen Kay Buckley. Karen will be teaching us he Ocean Sunrise quilt, a paper pierced beauty that also uses machine applique techniques. Applique is my weak spot. I find the carpal tunnel really comes out when I hand applique so time to learn other techniques! Plus I can then share what I’ve learned in my own classes.

I’ll also be meeting up with Facebook quilter friends, doing a little fabric shopping and attending a few other events. Saturday is volunteer day for me. Our local quilt guild provides the volunteers to help the show to run smoothly during those four days. Besides “white gloving” (we don’t really wear white gloves) our guild members man the coat check and package check areas and help out at the special events. Last year over 800 man hours were provided. This year should be even better, with a revised shuttle service, vendors all in one building, and a terrific line up of fabulous, world class teachers. I am so in my element when I’m around quilters.

The very first AQS Lancaster Quilt show was huge!  Our guild provided over 1200 man hours of volunteer time. The total attended hasn’t been posted yet, but I can tell you they ran out of show pins and show booklets before the 4th and final day even began.  I have been inspired to write this blog from a young lady I met at the show-recently published in a huge quilting magazine, my new friend Julie has me thinking about how lucky she is to be starting so young and that it is never to late to dream a dream and make it happen.  I’ve also been inspired by the many Facebook Quilter friends who met each other for the first time at the show.  Our Girlfriend Bags were turning heads!   Quilting makes me smile! And so do all the new friend I have made-bound together with a common thread and maybe some fabric too!

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