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I try to find the good in all things but today, the events of the world have me feeling sad. It’s hard for me to feel happy when there are people devasted by the untamed fury of mother nature. I live in an area where, when disaster strikes, the community gathers, and the women make quilts. The quilts are auctioned or donated to relief funds to provide warmth and comfort to those in crisis. I think tomorrow, I wlll quilt and keep Japan in my prayers.


Busy, busy, busy. Hard to believe that this is March 2011 and time for the 2nd annual AQS Lancaster Quilt Show and Contest. I’ll be putting in a volunteer shift with the Red Rose Quiult Guild on Saturday. During the week, I’m taking two classes-a full day workshop with Karen Kay Buckley!! And a half day workshop with Sue Nichols. I’m also signed up for the All Star Review and a lecture with Ricky Tims. I can hardly contain my enthusiasm!! I took vacation time from work-lucky for me it’s in my backyard-so no hotel costs-which means more $$ for fabric and other goodies. I’ll also be meeting up with some Facebook Friends. Really looking forward to that!

More excitement-my oldest is getting married on April 30th. The wedding quilt is done and the plans are all made! We’ll be traveling to CT for a clam bake and a fabulous time at Amarante’s Sea Cliff.

In Janaury, I started teaching my second quilting class. I designed the quilt and really didn’t consider that 12 8″ blocks was quite ambitious. We just completed week #5 and my students have been terrific-very patient with a new teacher and trying techniques that they have never tried. My goal is not so much to finish the quilt top as it is to instill a passion for quilting and thinking out of the box. Next week, we have the day off so that we all can attend AQS Lancaster!

Well this is week 4 already-half way through the 8 week course. We are making a simple landscape that is allowing the students to be creative and get inspired. We are having so much fun! The tops are fused and now it’s time to applique, embellish and secure our pieces down and add the borders before basting the quilt sandwich I’ve been getting inspired by watching youtube videos!

I’ve been trying to keep up! Would love to have a set of these new rulers by Pat Sloan.

Ever since my daughter announced her engagement I’ve been thinking of what quilt to make. I designed and redesigned three or four different patterns but nothing was looking like anything they would both like. She’s sort of modern and he’s pretty traditional. I like to make quilts that people will use and enjoy, and not put away in a chest for someone to discover years from now. So while flipping through the latest McCalls Quilting Magazine I came across a pattern called Brownie Points. The block is an hourglass block with a slight twist, with one of the hourglass traingles actually made up of 2 triangles. I altered the pattern just a bit so my block will be 10 1/2″ and my color scheme is blues and green batiks–The colors of the sea. Wedding is April 30th, 2011 so gotta keep crackin’.

Have not been faithful about using my blog. So, so busy these days.  I finally finished the quilt top made from my mistakes.
I redesigned the block-actually redesigned most of the quilt.

The top is done!  It is machine pieced and will be machine quilted.
Most of the fabric is beautiful Batiks. I love Batiks-they are loaded with color and are very forgiving when you need to piece things like borders.  I literally have a small pile of scraps left-I used every bit of the fabric I purchased. 

This quilt will go on my bed, replacing a pink and blue Amish made Triple Irish Chain that has been used for the last 15 years. I finally have a Quilt for Me, made by me!

I hate waste, especially when I waste fabric. A number of weeks ago I make a zillion half square triangles only to realize when putting them into blocks that they were all the wrong size. I had cut up all the fabric for my quilt-lovely batiks that I couldn’t replace and had no clue where I had bought them.  My whole quilt, now done for.  I wanted to throw everything out the window, I was so mad at myself. With the adage,  “When life gives you scraps…yada, yada…” and a fellow quilter’s challenge, I came up with a Plan B. A new block using all those HST mistakes and am quite please with the new design.  So yes when life hands you scraps, make it better! Make quilts!


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