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Fabric Palette

This is my palette for Ocean Sunrise, a workshop by Karen Kay Buckley. I plucked a blue batik from my stash, leftover fabric from my daughter’s wedding quilt. The greenish gold is perfect with it! The kind ladies at Bitty Kinna’s Quilt Shop helped me pick it out. The background and borders are a lovely mottled navy blue. The blocks are paperpieced and machine appliqued. The beautiful batik on the left is actually 108″ fabric for the back. Thinking It might be nice somewhere on the front! The class is all day Thursday-looking forward to learning a lot!!
Here’s the pattern:


I’m really excited for this week to start. AQS is returning to Lancaster for the 2nd annual Quilt Show and Contest. I spent the day preparing for the two classess I am taking. Wed I’ll be learning a raw edge applique technique taught by Sue Nichols. On Thursday I’m attending an all day workshop with Karen Kay Buckley. Karen will be teaching us he Ocean Sunrise quilt, a paper pierced beauty that also uses machine applique techniques. Applique is my weak spot. I find the carpal tunnel really comes out when I hand applique so time to learn other techniques! Plus I can then share what I’ve learned in my own classes.

I’ll also be meeting up with Facebook quilter friends, doing a little fabric shopping and attending a few other events. Saturday is volunteer day for me. Our local quilt guild provides the volunteers to help the show to run smoothly during those four days. Besides “white gloving” (we don’t really wear white gloves) our guild members man the coat check and package check areas and help out at the special events. Last year over 800 man hours were provided. This year should be even better, with a revised shuttle service, vendors all in one building, and a terrific line up of fabulous, world class teachers. I am so in my element when I’m around quilters.

I try to find the good in all things but today, the events of the world have me feeling sad. It’s hard for me to feel happy when there are people devasted by the untamed fury of mother nature. I live in an area where, when disaster strikes, the community gathers, and the women make quilts. The quilts are auctioned or donated to relief funds to provide warmth and comfort to those in crisis. I think tomorrow, I wlll quilt and keep Japan in my prayers.

Well this is week 4 already-half way through the 8 week course. We are making a simple landscape that is allowing the students to be creative and get inspired. We are having so much fun! The tops are fused and now it’s time to applique, embellish and secure our pieces down and add the borders before basting the quilt sandwich I’ve been getting inspired by watching youtube videos!

I’ve been trying to keep up! Would love to have a set of these new rulers by Pat Sloan.

I was told in order to have a link to Facebook I need to add a widget. So I go and I find the widget and the instructions say to cut and paste to my site. But since I am so clueless I do not know WHERE I am supposed to do this!  I’m thinking it must be really simple and feel like and idiot cause I don’t know what to do with my widget!!

Another random thought I had today during my 6 hour ride home from CT- an idea for a new quilt. Why does this happen to me? I have a pile of WIPs and this idea pops into my head and now I have to move  this one to the top of the pile and it’s still in my brain!

Took a ride out to Intercourse PA today.  Just across the way from one of my favorite fabric stores is a new quilt shop! I mean a REAL quilt shop.  We have lots of fabric shops in Lancaster County but real quilt shops are few and far between.  With patterns, books, and 100% cotton fabric collections,  threads and supplies used by quilters, this is definitely going to be one of my new favorite places to shop.  I’m officially Customer #365!

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