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New Project in the works

Posted on: September 3, 2010

Ever since my daughter announced her engagement I’ve been thinking of what quilt to make. I designed and redesigned three or four different patterns but nothing was looking like anything they would both like. She’s sort of modern and he’s pretty traditional. I like to make quilts that people will use and enjoy, and not put away in a chest for someone to discover years from now. So while flipping through the latest McCalls Quilting Magazine I came across a pattern called Brownie Points. The block is an hourglass block with a slight twist, with one of the hourglass traingles actually made up of 2 triangles. I altered the pattern just a bit so my block will be 10 1/2″ and my color scheme is blues and green batiks–The colors of the sea. Wedding is April 30th, 2011 so gotta keep crackin’.


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